“I’ve been at Cg Maple Ridge for about four years now. It is like a second home to me. Somewhere you can go to simply be with friends and like-minded people, but also somewhere you can go and push yourself and better yourself every day. From day one, both coaches and other members, new and…

Tyson G.

“At Carlson Gracie, I am strongly supported to pursue my goals. My coaches and teammates are always there for me!”

Jeremy C.

“Great MMA diversity. Friendly staff.”

Tamara E.

“Training at Carlson Gracie Maple Ridge has been a life changing experience for me. The facility is excellent and always clean, the people are amazing and the coaches are of the highest caliber. I would recommend you come check it our for yourself.”

Bert R.

“After three years at Carlson Gracie Maple Ridge, I don’t know what’s stronger: the friendships I’ve made along the way, or my rippling quads.”

Alana C.

“I lost 30lbs within the first 6 months of joining the academy. Awesome coaches, challenging classes & supportive team. No egos. Great place to train!”

Trevor W.