Bio: Coach Toby has over 30 years of martial arts experience and has been the head striking coach for the Carlson Gracie Maple Ridge Team since the beginning in 2010.

Prior to becoming part of the CG Team, Coach Toby made a name for himself  developing his own teaching style and producing some of the best local kickboxers around. His ability to break down the basic fundamentals of striking getting students to fully understand and properly execute is unparalleled. Toby also created his own “Crashfit” strength and conditioning class that has been the addiction of so many over the years. Long before the whole “Crossfit” craze, Toby began offering a class that combined specific weight training and cardio workout styles that showed fast results in those who participated consistently. Over the years Crashfit has continued to develop and is a program that the CG Academy still depends on to keep our members fit.


  • Head Striking Instructor at Carlson Gracie Academy
  • Nutritional expert
  • Fitness trainer
  • Over 30 years experience in martial arts
  • Certified by Shawn Tomkins (Team Tapout, Xtreme Couture)
  • Endorsed by Master Hon Lee
  • Certified by Training for Warriors