Bio: Julio Monteiro (in the Capoeira world known as ‘Rasta’) was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brasil, the very place Capoeira was born many centuries ago.

 At the age of 9 he started training Capoeira with his cousin in the backyard of his house. At that early age he had the privilege of meeting many famous masters of Capoeira on the streets of Bahia, including Mestre Boa Gente. Rasta’s farther, also a Capoeirista and a musician, passed away when Julio was 7 years old. His farther was and remains his inspiration to move forward and Rasta continues his farther’s passion for Capoeira and learning. In 1994, Rasta’s passion for Capoeira led him to join ABADA capoeira group. ABADA Capoeira is now the largest Capoeira organization in the world, and is led by legendary Mestre Camisa.

In 1999 Rasta came to Canada and stayed to start his work in Vancouver, BC. He had met with a lot of challenges but continues to learn, train and teach Capoeira movement classes, Music, Maculele, and everything that is related to Capoeira. In short – Capoeira is his life. Rasta is also a skilled percussionist, who from the early age of 9 years old played in many parades in Brasil. He received his latest “verde/roxa”(green/ purple) corda during Mestre Camisa’s Batizado at Jogos Mundiais 2009 in Rio de Janeiro.