At days end, our Team rounded up an amazing 13 medals. Some highlights of the day include:

  • Shayla O'Connor's very first tournament where she submitted all of her opponents bringing home Gold.
  • Brendon Prevost's very first tournament where he earned Silver.
  • Larry Rousey continues to impress as he brings home 2 medals, one of which was Gold
  • Curtis Smith earns his well deserved 2 medals after improving his Jiu-Jitsu game dramatically.
  • Oliver Vajda and Kyle Doherty return with outstanding 4 medals.

The tremendous influence Jon has on the students is snowballing at a great rate as medals continue to fill the walls of our Academy. As a highly ranked student under Professor Marcus Soares, there was never any doubt this Club would see great things from Jon and the students who train under him.

Also, with the addition of Wrestling Coach, Greg Brock, the Team's abilities on the mat has catapulted immensely. His presence in our Club has definitely been felt and is seen when our Team competes. Greg has been such a valuable asset to our Team and we owe a great amount of gratitude to him. Thank you Greg and way to go Team!!!

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