Lil Bull Dogs

Lil Bulldogs

Ages 7 – 12 yrs Our Lil Bulldogs Program is so important to the development of your child.
Being physically active is definitely one of the keys to raising a healthy child, however, as a parent, you must also look beyond the physical benefits of the martial arts that are being taught. Self-discipline, self-defense, courage, self-esteem, social exposure, making friends, learning new things, are all benefits of involving your child in martial arts. Our Lil Bulldogs will learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing and Boxing while having fun at the same time. All classes involve a fitness component and the disciplines will be taught in the most basic manner under the safest guidance and practice.   Age: 7-12 Duration: 1 hour Required: BJJ Uniform (Gi), Boxing Gloves, Mouth Guard, Shinpads, Headgear, clean workout attire. Trial members are not required to have sparring equipment until sign up.

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