Still Undefeated – Quest for Glory 3

Oliver's opponent, Christian Tremayne, fighting out of Infinity MMA would be the first to welcome Vajda to the Featherweight division. Squaring off inside the octagon, everyone could see the physical differences between the two fighters. Tremayne carried an easy 20 pound weight advantage after both fighters recovered from their weight cuts the day before.

After the bell rang to initialize the first round, both men fired off punches and kicks causing no damage leaving them in the clinch. Vajda was able to take the bigger man down and dominate on the ground attempting numerous submissions including arm bars and triangle chokes. Round two would be more of the same. At this point, it was clear Vajda was attacking and winning the fight although Tremayne did very well to defend against the aggression. But would the judges see it the same?

The third and final round was where the new Featherweight would be tested the most. It appeared the weight advantage of Tremayne would come into play. After being taken down by Vajda, Tremayne was able to sweep the young champion onto his back where he would attempt to turn the fight around into his favour. For most of the round Tremayne did well to use his weight and stay on top, however, Vajda was never threatened by strikes or submissions in any way.


In the end, the judges voted unanimously in Vajda's favour awarding him with his 7th straight victory with no defeats.

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