At days end, our Team rounded up an amazing 13 medals. Some highlights of the day include: Shayla O'Connor's very first tournament where she submitted all of her opponents bringing home Gold. Brendon Prevost's very first tournament where he earned Silver. Larry Rousey continues to impress as he brings home 2 medals, one of which…
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Master Marcus Soares Promoted

Marcus has contributed so much to BJJ in Canada and many parts of the world. Our entire Team stands by him with pride and admiration. The Carlson Gracie Team remains one of the most powerful teams in the world because of instructors such as Marcus. Thank you Professor and congratulations. Carlson Gracie Team forever!
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Copa Katana BJJ Tournament

The Team put in many weeks of hard training going over Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fundamentals, intense fitness and polishing their Wrestling game. All the hard work would definitely pay off. By the end of the day. The guys brought home 7 medals including 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 4 Bronze. To add to their credit: Hayden…
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Carlson Gracie Team Welcomes Judo

The Maple Ridge Carlson Gracie Academy would like to thank Dr. Ron Wright for introducing us to this awesome martial art/sport and for referring us to Shawn. We look forward to learning new and exciting techniques and can not wait to execute them in competition. Judo will definitely prove to be valuable asset to our…
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