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The Carlson Gracie Team has been a dominant Team in BJJ and MMA since 1969. Since its inception, many Clubs around the world have formed to represent the Great Carlson Gracie Sr.

Our Maple Ridge Academy was founded in 2010. What started as a small single-bay warehouse quickly grew as people started to recognize the experience and knowledge of our instructors as well as the successes of our Team in competition. Additionally, the results members began seeing in themselves physically, mentally and emotionally became our best form of advertising. The Carlson Gracie Maple Ridge Team has members from all walks of life. Everyday men, women and kids all participate in the classes we offer…not just people who want to compete.

We are a full MMA Training Facility with top quality Instructors. The Carlson Gracie Maple Ridge Academy offers not only the best in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we also offer Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA Training, Nutritional advice, and a variety of Strength and Conditioning classes each dedicated to specific forms of fitness.

When becoming a part of our Team, you will find the encouraging, family-type atmosphere a place with zero attitude and a home you want to be a part of for a long time. Our member enjoy training in a clean, friendly environment outfitted with the best Zebra Mats, MMA Cage, Fairtex Heavy Bags, and Weight and Fitness Equipment.

We know you will find exactly what you are looking when considering joining a MMA gym.

Contact us and come experience our classes for a week…we will charge you NO MONEY to try.



1. Tradition. The Team has been in existence since 1969 with Carlson Gracie Teams all over the world reinforcing our name and credibility – Imagine the knowledge being handed down to our students!

2. Dominant success in BJJ and MMA for over 45 years maintaining the same fighting style created by Grandmaster Carlson Gracie Sr. – Old school is BEST!

3. Our Instructors have over 100 years BJJ and MMA experience combined – Choose a Club with EXPERIENCE!

4. A variety of Programs offered including Fitness and Health/Nutritional advice – We are a full MMA Academy OFFERING MORE THAN YOUR AVERAGE CLUB!

5. Our Kids Classes are about serious teaching – We refuse to be a daycare playing silly games all class!