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Welcome to the Carlson Gracie Academy

Welcome to the Carlson Gracie Academy in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada!

Our Academy offers high level instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, Submission Grappling and Strength and Conditioning classes. Men Women, Teens and Kids are all welcome to participate in an encouraging, clean, and safe environment dedicated to self improvement.

Contact us and come experience our classes. All memberships come with an unlimited 7 day free no obligation trial.

Striking Classes

We offer Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Boxing

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BJJ Classes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling

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Fitness Classes

Various Strength and Conditioning classes to get you in shape fast.

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Kids and Youth

We have mixed martial arts classed for all ages 7 and up.

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1. Tradition. The Team has been in existence since 1969 with Carlson Gracie Teams all over the world reinforcing our name and credibility – Imagine the knowledge being handed down to our students!

2. Dominant success in BJJ and MMA for over 45 years maintaining the same fighting style created by Grandmaster Carlson Gracie Sr. – Old school is BEST!

3. Our Instructors have over 100 years BJJ and MMA experience combined – Choose a Club with EXPERIENCE!

4. A variety of Programs offered including Fitness and Health/Nutritional advice – We are a full MMA Academy OFFERING MORE THAN YOUR AVERAGE CLUB!

5. Our Kids Classes are about serious teaching – We refuse to be a daycare playing silly games all class!

“After three years at Carlson Gracie Maple Ridge, I don’t know what’s stronger: the friendships I’ve made along the way, or my rippling quads.”

Alana C.

“I’ve been at Cg Maple Ridge for about four years now. It is like a second home to me. Somewhere you can go to simply be with friends and like-minded people, but also somewhere you can go and push yourself and better yourself every day. From day one, both coaches and other members, new and…

Tyson G.

“Hands down Maple Ridge’s best MMA gym for people of all ages and skill! It has given our children the training and knowledge of MMA and the confidence and the skills to compete. The trainers and staff are highly skilled and the Carlson Gracie team are second to none.”

Carrie S.

“At Carlson Gracie, I am strongly supported to pursue my goals. My coaches and teammates are always there for me!”

Jeremy C.

“Great MMA diversity. Friendly staff.”

Tamara E.

“Training at Carlson Gracie Maple Ridge has been a life changing experience for me. The facility is excellent and always clean, the people are amazing and the coaches are of the highest caliber. I would recommend you come check it our for yourself.”

Bert R.

“I lost 30lbs within the first 6 months of joining the academy. Awesome coaches, challenging classes & supportive team. No egos. Great place to train!”

Trevor W.